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Advanced IPL Treatments 

Intense Pulsed Light ‘IPL’ IPL is a light based therapy that works by targeting structures within the skin such as; melanin, blood, and water in collagen, with wavelengths of light to break down the structure and improve the appearance of the skin. The light pulses also stimulate collagen production which floods to the area; plumping the skin, reducing wrinkles

 Photorejuvenation treatment Photorejuvenation is the broad term used to describe the treatment of photo-ageing which includes wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots. IPL treatment encourages the skin to repair itself and produce new cells and increase its collagen production. It is a very effective and non invasive form of treatment that requires no down time. A SkinBase IPL photorejuvenation treatment will not only remove pigmentation and sun damage but also improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles. 

Excellent results The SkinBase IPL medical treatments target melanin, blood, and water in collagen. Skin will look smoother and uneven pigmentation and redness reduced, giving skin a more youthful appearance. To avoid recurrence of pigmentation problems you should avoid excessive sun exposure and apply a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. 
Course recommendation: For a course of photorejuvenation for pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles we recommend a course of 3-6 treatments, 2-3 weeks apart

Pigmentation Skin colour is determined by the amount and type of melanin found in the skin. In hotter climates more melanin is required to provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays. When a person is healthy, his or her skin will appear normal and even in colour. In the case of illness or injury, the person’s skin may change colour, becoming darker (hyperpigmentation) or lighter (hypopigmentation). 

Acne  IPL is revolutionising acne treatment and is proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of acne. 
How does it work? During acne treatment the IPL system releases yellow, green and red light that is emitted in a series of short pulses. This destroys the bacteria that live in the skin and cause inflammation, while the red light directly targets the overactive sebaceous glands that block pores and cause outbreaks of pustules. The light also stimulates collagen production in the area helping to improve the appearance of acne scarring. 
How many treatments will I need? We recommend a course of 3-4 treatments at 2-3 week intervals for the best results. 
Does it hurt? IPL is one of the safest acne treatments available. During an IPL acne treatment the handset does not come into contact with the skin so there is no pain associated with treatment, you might feel a sensation like the flicking of an elastic band and a cooling cryo-handset is applied to the skin before treatment to ensure your comfort. 

Vascular lesions Thread veins are often seen on the face, especially the cheeks and nose. They can be caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation but some people are simply more susceptible to them and they can be present from childhood. Facial telangiectasias usually respond well to IPL treatment. IPL therapy treats thread veins, broken capillaries and rosacea & Campbell de Morgan spots. by emitting wavelengths of light that are filtered to target the haemoglobin in the thread veins/broken capillaries. The treatment causes the vein to gradually break down over a number of days until it has disappeared. 
Howmany treatments will I need? Only 1-3 treatments are required at 2-3 week intervals 

Full face £50
Full face & neck £70
1/2 face £20-£30
Cheeks £25
Small patches on face £25
Declotte £50
Hands £30
Small areas on other parts of the body available from £25




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